сряда, 26 януари 2011 г.


"There’s a certain sense of power in knowing what you look like.

So many people walk this earth envisioning themselves

as something completely different.

I don’t.

This is me. This is my face...

Imperfect... doe eyed... lazy... bruised and swollen.

It says, “I was hurt and far from fortunate”,

but as you continue to walk, imagining yourself into a new body, a new form...

And as you laugh at the scars and the bruises I bear on my legs and arms,

remember that I know where I came from, who I am and who I’ve been.

There is so much energy in that... and in me...

In the holes in my brain and my lungs, and my vital organs...

and i’m still moving... and there’s a certain sense of power in that."

Kriss Kidd

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